Increase Brand Awareness and Motivate Patients to Action

We specialize in an all-in-one digital marketing solution for doctors and private practices, helping you gain a higher number of quality leads and grow your practice at a faster rate than your competitors. Without the worry of learning digital marketing on your own, we can take your practice to the next level and you can remain focused on your patients.

Drive Quality Digital Leads

Drive Quality Digital Leads

Reach more potential patients by having a stronger digital presence. Through advertising, SEO, better-converting mobile responsive websites and social media marketing, we are able to grow practices 3-4 times their size in a short amount of time.

Make A Great First Impression

Make A Great First Impression

A critical step in driving the right patient leads is making a great first impression. We can assist with your reputation management through online reviews, social media marketing and providing a great online experience through your website.

Convert More Patients

Convert More Patients

Do you know that over 175 million health searches happen every day? People searching for doctors and practices just like yours. The missing piece is a lead nurturing strategy that takes the prospective patient and drives them to book an appointment.


Success Story

“Pepper Gang understood our goals. And by implementing their strategy, we’ve seen an increase in our amount of patients.”

Dr. Clifford Gluck, Boston Robotic Hair Restoration 

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Why Your Practice Needs Digital Marketing

It’s very simple, you need more patients. The market is ever-changing and because patient behavior includes finding medical and health needs online, your practice needs to be visible when the search occurs. Our strategies take it one step further to nurture those leads to become patients.

Reach New Patients

High-Intent Search

Generate Trust


Propel Your Practice Forward

Schedule your free consultation with us and learn how we can propel your practice forward with highly-targeted strategies that produce better results by transforming leads into patients. We’ll walk you through an overall analysis of your current marketing activities and provide free no-obligation advice.


The Leading Digital Marketing Approach.
Meet the BOOST Method™

Our four-pronged digital marketing approach covers each step on your path to success. Starting with Research and Discovery through Testing and Measuring. We understand that digital marketing is always shifting and driving a successful marketing campaign is no longer easy. We’ve developed a method so you don’t need to worry. Now, you can scale your marketing through our proven digital marketing BOOST Method™ and grow your practice.

Reach Through Local, Precise Targeting

We understand the patient mindset and how they search for doctors close by, so our strategies focus on a 10 to a 35-mile radius around your office. Our precise location and search targeting generates a higher quality of lead through digital advertising. This set of higher-quality leads usually generates greater long-term success and practice growth by targeting potential patients throughout their decision journey. Our understanding of the decision cycle and buyer persona allows us to drive results IMMEDIATELY.

Lead Nurturing Like You’ve Never Seen

Modernized website designs, landing pages that convert, email marketing and the latest CRM technology help nurture your leads from initial contact through becoming a patient. With our easy to use, integrated customer relationship management system, you will be able to manage your leads and securely input your patient’s personal information into a self-hosting system, right on your website. Our information strategy to ‘drip’ information to the patient through email marketing, along with our all-in-one system allows you to better manage your leads for a higher close rate.

Continue Expanding For Your Long-Term Success

We do everything from email marketing to SEO, helping practices increase revenue by providing the highest amount of exposure to the right prospective patients through the decision cycle. Whatever your digital marketing needs are, we can develop a strategy that will not only reach, but exceed your goals – we guarantee it. Your fully integrated CRM system and website analytics will allow you the knowledge, understanding and metrics to measure your continued success.


Choose Your Plan

Many of our successful digital marketing campaigns combine advertising, local search engine optimization, website design and more. We work with doctors and practices just like yours, who have proven success with these services. Below, we have conveniently outlined our most successful packages that are guaranteed to generate growth for your practice. We can include high-converting landing pages and mobile-friendly website design into any contract. Contact us to learn which plan is right for you.


Classic Plan
  • Google Search Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Location Targeting
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Custom Messaging
  • Ad Copy Development


Unlimited Features
  • Everything Included in ADS + SEO
  • Blog
  • Stock Images
  • SEO Tools
  • Hosting
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Site Analysis

Our Websites Capture and Convert

Your site will be fully customized to showcase your private practice. We build medical websites that deliver patient leads & referrals with a fresh look and the latest advanced features. All our website designs are responsive, so they work on desktop and mobile devices seamlessly, for the best user experience. We also have options to include a fully secured patient lead CRM system that you and your staff can use to manage your leads.

"Pepper Gang has been a great marketing partner for St. Louis Allergy Relief Center. They have helped us grow our online presence in our target market and have been an excellent resource for us from web design to online marketing and branding. They have also been great in helping us better define our particular marketing advantages. I highly recommend Pepper Gang if you are looking to expand a sustainable marketing presence for your company."
Dr. Ian Wahl

What Is The Opportunity?

Growth through high-quality patient leads. Being visible should be your number one priority. If patients can’t find you online, you are not going to have success with your marketing. Anyone can run an online ‘digital advertising’ campaign, but what makes a difference is when you drive higher quality leads into the decision cycle and how you manage the leads after you capture them that really matters. We can help put together a full strategy that encompasses everything you need to be successful from a highly-targeted online campaign to reach the right audiences, all the way through lead nurturing and lead management. As a physician or private practice, you should focus on what you do best. Let us handle your digital marketing.



Success Story

“Pepper Gang has been with us since the beginning. They have done their research, they understand our brand and our product. We’ve seen tremendous growth in leads month after month.”

Dr. Lars Boman, Boston Robotic Hair Restoration 

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Why work with us?
Partner with a medical marketing agency that delivers results

We are an industry leading medical marketing agency that generates high-quality leads and practice growth because of our experience and innovative marketing strategies that set you ahead. We take it further than just ‘running’ your marketing for you. Our in-depth analysis of your sales process and lead management allows us to identify and eliminate what is not working. Our proprietary lead automation process eliminates the need for a large sales team to pull the leads through the decision funnel. We allow patients to schedule a convenient time right away to discuss their needs. This instant access to connect reduces lead slippage and generates faster growth.


No matter what your specialty is, we focus on driving more online presence so that your practice appeals to both potential and existing patients. This means more patients, less effort.


Driving results is more than just the number of leads we generate for you. With our advanced targeting, you will reach the right patient every time and therefore reduce wasted spend and drive your practice growth at a faster rate.